citaten uit de film

Life of David Gale, The (2003)

  • Bitsy Bloom: "I donīt eat in a place where they have pictures of the food."
  • David Gale: "I have a hard story for you to tell, Miss Bloom. It´s not going to be easy."
  • Bitsy Bloom: "I can still smell the sigarette smoke."
    Zack annoyed: "Itīs the barbeque."
  • David Gale irritated: "Miss Bloom, I used to be the states leader death penalty abolitionist and now I´m on death row. Doesn´t that strike you as a little odd?"
  • Bitsy Bloom: "Hate´s no fun if you keep it to yourself. "
  • David Gale drunk: "Socrates was ugly, Plato was fat, and, um, and Aristotle was a prissy dresser!"
  • University President: "You´re not politically correct, mr. Gale. Welcome to the club."
  • David Gale: "Constance left this world a better place than she found it."


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Edgar Verburg.