citaten uit de film

Alfie (2004)

  • Alfie Elkins: "God, I love this city. Look around. Each one of īem unique, special like snowflakes."
  • Alfie Elkins: "I myself subscribe more to the European way of life; my priorities leaning towards wine, women... Well, actually thatīs about it. Wine and women. Although women and women is also a fine option."
  • Alfie Elkins: "Here is what sheīs actually saying. She wants me to commit. Translation: become domestified. Now, it doesnīt do to become dependend on anybody in this life."
  • Julie: "Too bad I love you."
    Alfie: "Oh, thanks babe."
  • Alfie Elkins: "Learn from my mistake. Never get involved with a single mom. īsee they come with accessories."
  • Alfie Elkins: "Classic isnīt it. Now he canīt have her, thinks he canīt live without her. People are funny."
  • Alfie Elkins: "Moral of the story: no good deed goes unpunished."
  • Alfie Elkins: "Now, as a heatseeking bachelor letīs devise very syncing rules, Alfie Elkins credo or filosophy. Itīs probably best summed up by the only advise my father ever gave me. He said: son, whenever you meet a beautiful woman, just remember somewhere thereīs a bloke simply shagging."
  • Alfie refering to the deed: "It just keeps on happening and happening. Or more accurately not happening and not happening."
  • Joe: "Find someone to love and live everyday as it were your last."


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Edgar Verburg.