citaten uit de film

Me, Myself & Irene (2000)

  • Charlie Baileygates: "You stay with me no matter what?"
    Layla Baileygates: "Of course Charlie."
    Charlie Baileygates: "What if I have to move to the Artic and never come home and you have to eat whale blubber for the rest of your life? You still stay with me?"
  • Charlie Baileygates: "Do you people take cheques?"
    Shonte Jackson: "Say that again. Do we people take cheques? You mean a black man?"
    Charlie Baileygates: "No no no no... your company."
    Shonte Jackson: "Don´t give me that backtracking bullshit! That was a racist slur."
  • Eric to Charlie: "Did you notice your kids have a year round tan?"
  • Charlie Baileygates to Layla: "But you said you´d eat whale blubber?"
    Shonte Jackson: "She will be eating blubber alright, as soon as I free Willy."
  • Charlie Baileygates: "How can you keep eating that crap and never gain weight?"
    Shonte Jr. Baileygates: "I don´t know. Just lucky I guess."
  • Jamaal Baileygates to Shonte Jr. Baileygates: "Enrico Fermi would roll over in his motherfucking grave if he heard that stupid shit. I mean he would turn over ass up in your face. He wouldn´t give a fuck."
  • Lee Harvey Baileygates: "He´s so fucking dumb he thinks Calculus is a God damn emperor."
    Shonte Jr. Baileygates: "Yeah well you think Polypeptide´s a motherfuckin´ toothpaste!"
  • Charlie Baileygates: "Hey Ed, have you seen my paper today?"
    Neighbor Ed: "My wife´s got it in the shitter."
  • Some guys are making offending joke about a good looking mother across the street.
    Charlie Baileygates: "Come on guys take it easy, she´s a mam."
  • Hank Evans: "VagiClean huh? What´s the matter, honey? Little extra cheese on the taco?"
  • Irene Waters: "Could you stop looking at my ass?"
  • Hank Evans to Irene: "Name´s Hank, Hank Evans - for little girls..."
  • Hank Evans: "I think you´re a very special unit."
  • Charlie Baileygates to his kids: "You know the rules when I go: no bitches after eleven."
  • Hank Evans: "Not because I rock I´m made of stone."
  • Lee Harvey Baileygates: "Is your old lady happy?"
    Lieutenant Gerke: "Is my old lady happy?"
    Lee Harvey Baileygates: "Yeah, because if your fuckin´ is anything like your police work then you couldn´t hit the G-spot on a twelve pound pussy."ame time."
  • Lee Harvey Baileygates: "Look daddy has a goddamn butthole on his face."
    Charlie Baileygates: "Here we go..."
    Shonte Jr. Baileygates: "He sure is a Spartacus-looking motherfucker."
    Lee Harvey Baileygates: "Now you can blow your nose and wipe your ass at the same time."


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Edgar Verburg.