citaten uit de film

Win a date with Tad Hamilton! (2004)

  • Tad Hamilton as Soldier: "I forgive you on one condition."
    Nurse: "Whats that?"
    Tad Hamilton as Soldier: "Dance with me."
    Pete Monash: "Explain one thing to me: what kind of desperate and pathetic emotional cripple would actually buy that as an envy?"
  • Pete Monash: "Angelica?"
    Angelica: "Yes Pete, what is the object of your desire?"
    Pete Monash: "Uhm, we need another round."
    Angelica: "One day Pete, on day I know that the answer to that question will be you Angelica. You are the object of my desire."
    Pete Monash: "Okay, but for know we just go with the beers."
  • Pete Monash with sarcasm: "I cannot remember a time before you started telling that story."
  • Henry Futch: "Have her back by dawn. And no cocain eh?"
  • Rosalee Futch: "You look so sad there."
    Tad Hamilton: "Give me a break. I just lost my wife and a goat."
  • Tad Hamilton: "Hey Rosie, guess what. I bought a house. I bought a house, can you believe it? Can you believe it? Actually a farm with a house... and a silo for my weed."
  • Angelica: "So, how much do you love her? Is it love, is it big love or is it great love?"
    Pete Monash: "What do you mean?"
    Angelica: "Love you get over in two months. Big love two years. And great love... great love changes your life."
  • Angelica about love: "As my father told me when I said Id never get that job in a bar. Honey, your odds go up when you file an application."
  • Angelica to Pete: "Everybody is Tad Hamilton to somebody."
  • "She´s got six smiles..."


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Edgar Verburg.