citaten uit de film

Open Range (2003)

  • Boss Spearman: "Dr. Barlow got Žim a pretty wife."
    Charley Waite: "Noticed that, did you?"
    Boss Spearman: "Well, I ainŽt dead."
    Charley Waite: "Glad to hear it."
  • Charley Waite: "Most times a man will tell you his bad intentions if you listen."
  • Boss Spearman about his cattle: "And IŽm gonna kill every son of a bitch that comes to take Žem."
    Charley Waite: "For one man on open ground you sure got a lot of killing in mind."
  • Charley Waite: "IŽve got no problem with killing Boss. Never have."
  • Boss Spearman: "What did you think about my little speech in there?"
    Charley Waite truely honest: "I liked it."
  • Charley Waite annoyed by the openness of Boss Spearman: "How Žbout I hold your head under water for a little while?"
  • Charlie Waite to Sue Barlow: "How is this gonna work if you donŽt do as I say?"


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Edgar Verburg.