citaten uit de film

Toy Story 2 (1999)

  • Woody: "I was a national fenomenon."
    Jessie: "Yeah, was."
  • The toys are entering an apartment building
    Mr. Potato Head: "I say we stack ourselves up, push the intercom and pretend were delivering a pizza.
    Hamm: "How about a ham sandwich? With fries and a hotdog?"
    Rex: "What about me?"
    Hamm: "Ah, you can be the toy that comes with the meal."
  • Rex: "How do we get inside?"
    Buzz Lightyear: "Use your head!"
    Rex: "But I don´t wanna use my head!"
  • Buzz is driving a pizza truck
    Hamm: "I seriously doubt hes getting this kind of mileage."


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Edgar Verburg.