citaten uit de film

Confidence (2003)

  • Jake Vid: "You should get a fucking Academy Award for the show work you´ve done."
  • Lionel: "This guy holds a grudge better than ex-mother-in-law."
  • Jake Vid: "The Euclid was our place. Gordo fleeced the deed off some jack-off in a card game. We used it every now and then for a rag, but mostly it was our office. Our power point."
  • Winston King: "No no no, style is at the end of my list."
  • The King talking about a white suit he once owned: "So what did I learn that day, Jake?"
    Jake: "Dont wear white after Labor Day, maybe?"
    The King: "No. Sometimes, Jake, style can get you killed."
  • Lily: "Take a deep breath, count to 10, and... go fuck yourself!"
  • Miles: "Now this might just be me, but that is hands down the dumbest fucking idea Ive ever heard."
  • Miles: "Trust me, I´m pissed too. But I´m not 25-to-life pissed."
  • Jake: "It was probably a stupid idea. There I was Armani and Rolex. There he is, JC Penny and Timex. So I took a shot."
  • Jake: "Sweetheart, we fucked once, okay? That does not entitle you a voice in this room."


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Edgar Verburg.