citaten uit de film

Cold Mountain (2003)

  • Ada: "Was there something in particular you wish to say to me?"
    Inman: "Nothing comes to me... I say thank you for the cider."
  • Reverend Monroe: "Do you worry when there´s no word from him? From mr. Inman."
    Ada Monroe: "Yes, but then I tried to count the words that passed between mr. Inman and me. Not very many. But I think about him, daddy. All the time."
  • Reverend Monroe: "I lost your mother after twenty-two years of marriage. It was enough to fill a lifetime."
  • Ada Monroe thinking of Inman: "Today I saw you walking home to me."
  • Veasey: "You´re gonna find the Good Lord very flexible on the subject of property."
  • Inman: "She´s the place I´m heading."
  • Ruby Thewes: "You shot her something?" Inman: "Not lately."
  • Ada Monroe: "I looked once more down Sally´s well and this time there was nothing there to haunt me. Just clouds, clouds and then... sun."


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Edgar Verburg.