citaten uit de film

Dogville (2003)

  • Narrator: "The residents of Dogville were good honest people and they liked their township."
  • Narrator: "If Tom were to proof that the citizen of Dogville had a problem receiving in his lecture the next day, he sorely lacked an illustration. A gift. Bill might have been right. It hadnt exactly rained gifts on this peticular township."
  • Grace: "If this is the town that you love, than you really have a strange way of showing it. All I see is a beautiful little town in the midst of magnificent mountains."
  • The blind Ben angry at Grace: "Ask me why a man who loves the light hang these heavy curtains?"
  • Tom Edison to Grace: "See you at the wedding, uh, celebration."
  • Tom Edison: "Yeah, yearning will only make it better."
  • Grace holding her temper: "Im not gonna spank you, Jason."
  • Grace astonished: "So I´m arrogant. I´m arrogant because I forgive people."
  • Grace: "I wanna make this world a little better."


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Edgar Verburg.